The Fall

Fall faves, and compelling collaborations with Badly Drawn Boy, Elastica et al

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“Hey hey hey hey…” And so The Fall suddenly find themselves in the curious position of ad-land giants, thanks to the Vauxhall Corsa ‘Hide and Seek’ jingle featuring the, er, rocking “Touch Sensitive”. A fitting enough motor, of course, since Mark E Smith’s droll visions have always deflated the highfalutin; so we can’t blame him for nicking a few quid where he can. A Past Gone Mad mines a ’90s hinterland, from Extricate via Middle Class Revolt to Smudger’s solo The Post Nearly Man, but the single will sell it.

A World Bewitched is a quick re-release that should open the eyes of those who find The Fall to be an acquired taste, as it offers a jamboree bag of easily accessible collaborations with the Badly Drawn fella, Edwyn Collins and acolytes Elastica. At this rate, Smith might end up a multi-millionaire.


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