Roxy Music – Live

The rapturous return of Commander Ferry and the finest space age rock band in the universe

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Brian Eno’s sniffy dismissal of his former colleagues’ decision to regroup for this 2001 tour was soon retracted. No wonder?from the adrenalised rampage of the opening “Re-make/Re-model” to the dazed wonder of the final “For Your Pleasure”, this two-CD features Roxy sounding as good if not better than ever. Eno or no Eno. The song choices are faultless, Ferry shimmers like a wounded apparition on “Every Dream Home”, and elsewhere he’s a riot of swooning romance and slick-backed menace.

They still capture the giddy thrall of future pop perfection like no other outfit before or since. The strangely unadvertised original drummer, Paul Thompson, remains the devastating powerhouse helping them reach places beyond other bands’ comprehension.

Unfeasibly brilliant, dare they now chance a full-scale new album reunion? It would need to be very good not to sour these memories.


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