Ultimate Music Guide: The Rolling Stones

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“Sometimes I feel that my whole career with The Creation, Jeff Beck and The Faces was one long audition to join The Rolling Stones,” writes Ronnie Wood, in his introduction to our latest Ultimate Music Guide.

Sometimes, it also feels that most every rock’n’roll musician in the world is going through an epic audition to join this most notorious and feted of bands. Nearly 50 years after they sauntered from West London’s R&B backwaters, the Stones’ potency, and their imperious domination of rock’n’roll – its sound, its culture, its etiquette, its essence – remains unchallenged.

What better subject, then, for the latest in Uncut’s series of Ultimate Music Guides? As with our previous specials on U2, Springsteen and Lennon, we’ve raided the NME and Melody Maker archives to reprint, in full, some extraordinarily candid interviews: visits to the Satanic Majesties and Exile sessions; wild summits with Keith and his entourage; even moments of candour from Mick Jagger Esq.

Over 148 pages, we’ve also taken fresh and extensive new looks at every Stones album (yes, even Dirty Work…), surveyed their bewildering catalogue of live albums and compilations and uncovered the most desirable Stones rarities.

A treasure trove of wisdom, outrage and beautiful photographs, from the makers of Uncut. That’s The Rolling Stones: The Ultimate Music Guide.

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