Uncut Music Award: See How Fleet Foxes Won!

We present behind-the-scenes video footage from 'judgement day'

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As revealed earlier this week, Seattle group Fleet Foxes‘ eponymous debut album has scooped the first ever Uncut Music Award, for the “most rewarding and inspiring album” of the past 12 months.

Unanimously hailed by a panel of industry judges which included broadcaster Mark Radcliffe and ex EMI chief executive Tony Wadsworth, at a judging session in November to choose the overall winner from eight shortlisted albums.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below made on the day the album was awarded the prize and meet the panel too.

See how the decision was made here:

Over the next fortnight Uncut will also be posting blow-by-blow transcripts of the ‘discussions’ which took place behind closed doors at the judging session this month. Find out what’s really questioned when albums go up for a prize. We will be posting what was said about each of the shortlisted albums at the Uncut Music Award blog here.

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