The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards undergoes laser eye surgery

'Not even the seemingly immortal Keith Richards can stop the march of time,' says friend

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The Rolling Stones‘ Keith Richards has undergone laser eye surgery to help save his failing vision, according to reports.

The Daily Mirror claims that despite Richards’ reputation for surviving years of rock’n’roll debauchery, the guitarist had the procedure before Christmas in London and had been forced to wear an eyepatch after having the operation.

A source close to the rocker said: “He’s music’s ultimate survivor but not even the seemingly immortal Keith Richards can stop the march of time.

“It was a harmless, quick procedure and he’s very happy with the results.”

Richards’ previous medical scrapes include a head injury he sustained after falling out of a tree while holidaying in Fiji. The Rolling Stones were forced to postpone their European tour after [url=]he was forced to undergo a brain operation[/url] as a result of the accident.

Last year, it was reported that Richards and Mick Jagger [url=]were set to discuss plans for the 50th anniversary of the first Rolling Stones gig[/url], which takes place on July 20, 2012. The pair are thought to have put aside their recent squabbles and are allegedly in talks with concert promoters regarding the possibility of a world tour.


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