Sgt Pepper Artist Puts Iconic Sleeve Art Up for sale

A new exhibition of Peter Blake's work is to go on show in a windmill

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Sir Peter Blake, the Godfather of British Pop Art, is putting 40 pieces of his work up for sale at a public exhibition this November.

The showcase, hosted at the Mill House Gallery in Parbold, will be displaying around 40 colourful silk screen prints that reflect the richness and diversity of Blake’s work.

All are welcome, and prices start from £350 for anyone wishing to pick up some pop art history.

Blake won international fame in the ‘60s with the British Pop Art movement, including his iconic artwork for The Beatles album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Blake’s philosophy was “to make art accessible as a visual equivalent to pop music”.

This is echoed by the multitude of album covers produced by Blake, including: Stop the Clocks ( Oasis, 2006); Do They Know It’s Christmas (Band Aid, 1984); Stanely Road (Paul Weller, 1995); and Live Aid and Live 8 (1985 & 2007).

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Pic credit: PA Photos


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