Queen share rediscovered track featuring Freddie Mercury, “Face It Alone”

Brian May has described the previously unheard song as "beautiful" and "touching"

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Queen have shared a rediscovered track featuring Freddie Mercury – listen to “Face It Alone” below.

Over the summer, Roger Taylor and Brian May revealed that they had unearthed a previously unreleased song by the band that had been sung by their late frontman.

“And it’s wonderful,” Taylor told Zoe Ball during an interview on BBC Radio 2. “Actually, it was a real discovery. It’s from the Miracle [1989] sessions.” May described the tune as “beautiful” and “touching”, adding: “It was kind of hiding in plain sight.”


On October 13, Queen released the stirring song along with an official lyric video – you can watch it below.

Fans can also pre-order a special 7″ vinyl edition of “Face It Alone”, which is due to arrive on November 18.

Additionally, the track will appear on a limited collector’s edition box set of Queen’s 13th studio album The Miracle. Per a press release, the eight-disc release boasts an hour-plus disc of previously unreleased recordings, including six unpublished songs.

A series of candid spoken exchanges in the studio will also offer “the most revealing window yet into the four members’ creative process and the joy, in-jokes and banter on their return to working together”.

You can pre-order the collection here (also released on November 18).

“Face It Alone” marks the first new song featuring Freddie Mercury to be released in over eight years.


Since Mercury’s death in 1991, Queen have released a number of previously unheard tracks featuring the frontman. In 2014, they shared the compilation album Queen Forever, which was comprised of songs recorded in the ‘80s that had been “forgotten about”.

Originally published on NME

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