Peter Hook compiles Hacienda album to accompany his new book

Vintage house on double disc collection

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Hacienda nightclub co-owner and Manchester music legend Peter Hook has compiled some vintage acid house for a double album to accompany his new book; ‘Hacienda: How Not to Run A Club’.

The collection, the soundtack for the autobiographical book, is out on the same day, October 5.

Peter Hook‘s’Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club’ track list is:

Man Ray – ‘Ways Of Making Music’
A Guy Called Gerald – ‘Voodoo Ray’ (HAC09 Manray Edit)
Hardfloor – ‘Acperience 1’
Frankie Knuckles – ‘Baby Wants To Ride’ (ft. Jamie Principle)
Bassheads – ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’
Fast Eddie – ‘Acid Thunder’ (Fast Eddie Mix)
Mr. Fingers – ‘Washing Machine’
Phuture – ‘Rise From Your Grave’ (Wake Da Fuck Up Mix)
Charles B & Adonis – ‘Lack Of Love’
Maurice – ‘This Is Acid’ (Dovsa CD)
Josh Wink – ‘Higher State Of Consciousness’ (Tweakin Acid Funk Mix)
Ralphi Rosario – ‘An Instrumental Need’
Mr Lee – ‘Pump Up London’


Man Ray – ‘We’re On It’
Sleezy D – ‘I’ve Lost Control’
Phuture – ‘Acid Tracks’ (Afro Acid Mix)
The Party Boy a.k.a. Bam Bam – ‘The Twilight Zone’
New Order – ‘True Dub’
Rhythmatic – ‘Take Me Back’
Victor Romeo – ‘Acid Raid’
Last Rhythm – ‘Last Rhythm’
Jack Frost and the Circle Jerks – ‘Two The Max’
Reese & Santonio – ‘Rock To The Beat’
Neal Howard – ‘Indulge’
Phortune – ‘Jiggerwatts’
Ecstasy Club – ‘Jesus Loves The Acid’

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