Paul Weller: there’s “not enough money in the world” to reform The Jam

"I’m not a nostalgic person," he tells The Guardian

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Paul Weller has once again dismissed any possibility of reforming The Jam.

Speaking to The Guardian, Weller explains that “I’m not a nostalgic person,” saying that there is “Not enough money in the world” that would persuade him to get his old band back together.

“I like now,” he continues. “I like today. I don’t want to spend my time trying to recapture something that can’t be recaptured.”


Weller also admits he thinks that he has only written”three perfect songs” during his career: “Wings Of Speed” off Stanley Road; The Jam’s “Strange Town” and “Going My Way”, on his new album, Saturns Pattern.

Weller releases a new single, “Going My Way”, from Saturns Pattern on July 24.

You can watch Weller play the song below, from the BBC’s One Show.

“Going My Way” is released as a 2-track download and 7” vinyl with a new song, “I Spy”.

The single will also be released as a special bundle via which includes the 7” single, plus a download of both tracks, an art print and a special collectable extra – a Weller plectrum.


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