Leonard Cohen: Behind The Scenes, Part 6!

Multi-Grammy winning producer, musician and musical director Roscoe Beck

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In the December issue of Uncut, we celebrate Leonard Cohen’s comeback by getting the inside story from his bandmates on their extraordinary year on the road. Here at uncut.co.ukover the next month, we’ve been posting the full, unedited transcripts of those interviews in an exclusive seven-part online series.

Today we present: ROSCOE BECK.
Another veteran of the Field Commander Cohen campaign, Beck played on Cohen’s Recent Songs album in 1979 and went on to become a multi-Grammy winning producer, helping Jennifer Warnes create her well-received Cohen covers album Famous Blue Raincoat. Musical director of Cohen’s current tour, he recently released his debut solo album, Walk On, and, by the way, has had two Fender basses named after him.

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Final part of the series coming this Friday (November 21)!


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