Lavish Sid Vicious Live Compilation On Its Way

The 2CD set out for Pistol's 30th anniversary

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A colossal collection of songs by punk legend Sid Vicious is to go on sale in October, as part of the marketing surrounding the 30 year anniversary of the release of Sex Pistols’ debut LP “Never Mind The Bullocks”.

Titled “Sid Lives”, the double disc compilation is taken from the last four live shows Vicious has ever performed and consists of 39 songs – most of which have never been released before.

During his period as a solo artist, Vicious performed with the likes of Mick Jones (The Clash), Rat Scabies (the Damned) and the New York Dolls. While the rebellious attitude made him an icon – it’s Sid Vicious’ music with The Sex Pistols that pioneered British punk rock.

A 24-page, 8000-word booklet detailing the Sex Pistols saga is to accompany the album. Inside, former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Dior gives an eyewitness account on the demise of the band and the conspiracy theories surrounding Nancy and Sid’s deaths.

There is also background material to all the songs and an extensive timeline in regard to the lives of Sid, Nancy and The Sex Pistols.

With the publishers promising the double CD collection for under a tenner, it promises to be the bargain for all the Sid Vicious fans. ‘Sid Lives’ is released on October 22.

As previously reported, heavyweight vinyl reissues of ‘Never Mind”s singles are to be released weekly in the run up to the 30th anniversary on October 28. More details here

‘Sid Lives’ compilation tracklisting:

DISC 1: Sept 28, 1978-

1. Search & Destroy
2. Chatterbox
3. I Wanna Be Your Dog
4. Something Else 5. Stepping Stone
6. Don’t Gimme No Lip Child
7. Belsen Was A Gas
8. Take A Chance
9. Chinese Rocks

10. Search & Destroy
11. Chatterbox
12. I Wanna Be Your Dog
13. Something Else
14. Belsen Was A Gas
15. Stepping Stone
16. Chinese Rocks
17. Take A Chance
18. Don’t Gimme No Lip Child
19. Something Else.

DISC 2: Sept 30, 1978

1. Search And Destroy
2. Chatterbox
3. Something Else
4. Belsen Was A Gas
5. I Wanna Be Your Dog
6. Stepping Stone
7. Take A Chance
8. Don’t Gimme No Lip Child
9. Chinese Rocks
10. My Way

11. Search And Destroy
12. Chatterbox
13. Something Else
14. I Wanna Be Your Dog
15. Belsen Was A Gas
16. Stepping Stone
17. Take A Chance
18. Don’t Gimme No Lip Child
19. Chinese Rocks
20. My Way


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