Kurt Cobain’s childhood home up for sale

It's on the market for $400,000

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Kurt Cobain‘s childhood home is up for sale.

The property, in Aberdeen, Washington, is on the market for $400,000 – £262,519 – according to a report in Billboard.

The 1,522 square foot bungalow is currently listed on the website for Aberdeen Reality, Inc.


“The childhood home of Kurt Cobain is being offered for sale,” writes the agency. “There are a number of exciting possibilities for this unique property, including moving the building and incorporating it into a larger institution or private collection. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of rock history.”

Reuters notes that Cobain lived in the home when he was a few months old until he was 9, when his parents separated, and then again from age 16 until about 20.


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