Hear The Rolling Stones alternate version of “Brown Sugar” featuring Eric Clapton

It's taken from their deluxe edition of Sticky FIngers

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The Rolling Stones have shared online a previously unreleased version of “Brown Sugar” featuring Eric Clapton.

The track appears on the band’s forthcoming deluxe reissue of Sticky Fingers which is released on June 8; scoll down the page to hear it.

Meanwhile, the Rolling Stones are on the cover of the new Uncut – which is in shops now.


Inside the issue, Mick Jagger shares his memories of recording Sticky Fingers.

Jagger recalls the long recording process for the album, taking in adventures in Muscle Shoals  and Stargroves, backstage fights at the Marquee Club, and some help from Andy Warhol and the Goddess Kali.

We also speak to the album’s engineer Chris Kimsey about working with the Stones on this classic album, while photographer Peter Webb recalls the Sticky Fingers photo shoot and former Stones’ PR Keith Altham gives us an eyewitness account of the Stones’ 1971 UK tour.

Speaking to Uncut about this unreleased version of “Brown Sugar“, Chris Kimsey recalls, “Keith and Bobby Keys had a joint birthday party at Olympic [Studios]. I remember Al Kooper and Eric Clapton being there. I recorded this ‘Brown Sugar’ jam that went on for 15 minutes. Alan O’Duffy, who was booked to engineer the session, fancied a bit of this lovely birthday cake that was going around. It was hash cake. 15 minutes later he was gone, so I had to engineer that evening’s session. It was quite terrifying. All these people came in. We recorded this extended version of “Brown Sugar”. Everyone was playing live, like a big club. I remember George Harrison turning up as well.”

The new Uncut is also available to buy digitally


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