Have Radiohead recorded the new James Bond theme tune?

Betting suspended after punter tries to place £15,000 bet

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Bookmakers William Hill have suspended betting on the identity of the next James Bond theme singer, after a customer attempted to place a £15,000 bet on Radiohead having recorded the song.

The Guardian reports that the film’s director, Sam Mendes, has said the song has already been recorded, and will be announced soon.

Radiohead are the latest artists to have their name associated with the coveted slot. Other artists include Sam Smith and Ellie Goulding.


William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said, “The first gamble of the day was Ellie Goulding and punters were backing her as if she already had the gig, but just as we were thinking of pulling the plug we had a load of bets for Radiohead, including one customer who asked to place a £15,000 bet on the band at 10/1.

“There seem to be all kinds of rumours and the plot has had more twists and turns than a classic Bond tale, but surely nobody risks £15,000 on a hunch.”

Here’s Radiohead covering Carly Simon‘s “Nobody Does It Better”, from The Spy Who Loved Me.


In other Radiohead news, Jonny Greenwood has given a progress report on the new Radiohead album.

During a recent interview with Dutch music website 3voor12, Greenwood confirmed that the band are working in the studio “in periods” and that restarting the process “took a lot of time.”

Consequence Of Sound report that the interview has since been translated by the Radiohead community on Reddit.

“We didn’t do anything together for too long, so restarting took a lot of time,” Greenwood said. “We’re working in periods now. This afternoon, Thom and I will work on a song we started yesterday, see what it will lead to.”

He went on to reveal that the band were re-visiting a 1996 track, “Lift“.

“What people don’t know is that there’s a very old song on each album, like ‘Nude’ on In Rainbows. We never found the right arrangement for that, until then. ‘Lift’ is just like that. When the idea is right, it stays right. It doesn’t really matter in which form.”

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