Springsteen’s favourite band are in the UNCUT hotseat…

Next week, Gaslight Anthem singer Brian Fallon will be answering your questions in our An Audience With… feature.
And what we need from you are some questions to put to him! Here’s a man who’s shared a mic with the Boss, has the greatest collection of tattoos we’ve ever seen and who loves The Clash. And their last album, The 59 Sound, was one of our 2009 Albums Of The Year. What’s not to love?
So, what would you like to ask Brian?

When did he get his first tattoo?
What are his memories of growing up in New Jersey?
What exactly is “the 59 sound”?

Send your questions by Monday, April 26 to uncutaudiencewith@ipcmedia.com. We’ll put the best of them to Brian.

Good luck!