Anthony Rossomando has composed score for 'The Rime Of The Modern Mariner'

[b]Carl Barat[/b], [b]Anthony Rossomando[/b] and director [b]Mark Donne[/b] are set to take part in a question and answer session after a forthcoming screening of their documentary about the [b]London Docklands[/b].

The trio will attend the [b]Donne[/b]-directed The Rime Of The Modern Mariner on September 17 at the capital’s [b]National Maritime Museum[/b]. Following the screening they will answer questions from the audience.

[b]Rossomando[/b], who used to be in [b]Dirty Pretty Things[/b] with [b]Barat[/b], has composed the score for the film. [b]Barat[/b], currently playing in [b]The Libertines[/b] and gearing up for the release of his debut solo album, has narrated it.

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