Alan McGee Initially Thought Oasis Were ‘Fascists’

Creation records founder speaks to Uncut about his history with the band

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Creation Records’ boss Alan McGee has spoken to Uncut about his time with the band, from signing them in the early 90s to becoming in his own words “the people’s band.”

However in an exclusive cover interview in the September issue of Uncut magazine McGee explains some confusion about who the Gallaghers were, writing them off as right-wingers. McGee says: “I didn’t put the name Oasis together with Noel. I just thought ‘Fascist.’

He adds: “My little Manchester mate, Debbie Turner, shared a practice space with this band that had a Union Jack on the wall. I remember looking at the Union Jack and asking, “Are they fascists?” and she said, “Yes.” She was taking the p**s, of course. She added, “They’re called Oasis.”

“It was a psychedelic Union Jack, sitting alongside pictures of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. But it was still a Union Jack – and back then, before the whole Cool Britannia bollocks, a Union Jack meant you had to be right-wing. I truly didn’t have a clue. I didn’t put the name Oasis together with Noel. I just thought, ‘Fascist.’”

To read the full interview with McGee, charting the inside story of working with Oasis, get the new issue of Uncut, on sale tomorrow (July 29).


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