Video Gaga - Ten of the best Killer Queen anthems, every one guaranteed to blow your mind.


They’re responsible for the Britain’s favourite song, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, as well as its favourite live performance – ‘Live Aid in ’85’. Now, more than a decade after the death of Freddie Mercury. Queen have returned for a world tour, with a new lead singer.

In Uncut Take 94 (March 2005), Uncut magazine charts the rise of one of the world’s biggest bands, while Brian May and new boy Paul Rodgers reveal all about the comeback of 2005.

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At we’ve compiled a collection of ten of the finest Queen anthems on Video, simply click the links and you can watch all ten in whichever order you prefer.

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Bohemian Rhapsody
high | low
A capella intro, lush ballad sequence, operatic wig-out and air-guitar finale make for an Olympian six-minute concept that’s buried deep in the hard-drive of your soul – whether you like it or not.
I Want To Break Free
high | low
Starts with the band dressed as Coronation Street characters. Then we’re transported to a Queen concert with suspect Nuremberg overtones. Banned by MTV
Bicycle Race
high | low
Fifty lovely ladies riding around Wembley stadium in the buff. That’s all you need to know.
Radio Ga Ga
high | low
Queen Superimposed over Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ – but Deacon’s towering Afro steals the show.
The Miracle
high | low
Four children perform as Queen. Most memorable for the sight of the kid playing Mercury in his gay clone phase.
I’m Going Slightly Mad
high | low
Mercury as Lord Byron, May in a penguin costume, and Taylor riding a tricycle with a kettle strapped to his head.
Killer Queen
high | low
Glam meets music hall, with a chorus infectious as SARS. Altogether now: “She’s a killer qu-eeeeeeeeeeeeen”.
It’s A Hard Life
high | low
Mercury in a giant prawn outfit, Taylor as an Elizabethan prince, May playing guitar on an elongated human skull and Deacon looking uncomfortable as a silver unicorn.
Somebody To Love
high | low
Forget the George Michael remake. Go to the original if layer upon layer of muscular longing is what you’re after. No office party is complete without it.
We Are The Champions
high | low
Lock arms, sway from side to side and sing-along-a-Freddie. The “We Shall Overcome” of rock, and the alternative national anthem at big sporting events.

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