Bob Dylan: Tell Tale Signs Special – The Complete Transcripts!

All in one place: the complete transcripts to our epic Dylan cover story

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In Uncut Take 138 [dated November 2008], we celebrated the release of The Bootleg Series Vol. 8: Tell Tale SignsBob Dylan’s astonishing collection of unreleased material from 1989 – 2006.

For this epic cover story, we spoke to the musicians, producers and crew who worked with Dylan during this period.

At the time, we ran the full, unedited transcripts of those interviews on Since then, though, they’ve fallen down the back of the internet, become hard to find or some of the links have since broken.


So we’ve decided to round them all up into one place.

Here, then, are the working links to all 13 transcripts in our Tell Tale Signs interviews – plus founding editor Allan Jones’ original review of the collection itself.

Interviews originally conducted by Damien Love and Alastair McKay


Part 1:

MICAJAH RYAN: engineer, Good As I’ve Been To You and World Gone Wrong

Part 2:

MALCOLM BURN: engineer, Oh Mercy

Part 3:

MARK HOWARD: engineer, Oh Mercy and Time Out Of Mind

Part 4:

DON WAS: producer Under The Red Sky

Part 5:

ROBBEN FORD: guitarist Under The Red Sky

Part 6:

DAVID LINDLEY: guitarist Under The Red Sky

Part 7:

AUGIE MYERS: organ, Time Out Of Mind and “Love and Theft

Part 8:

JIM DICKINSON: piano, Time Out Of Mind

Part 9:

JIM KELTNER: drums, Time Out Of Mind

Part 10:

DANIEL LANOIS: producer, Oh Mercy and Time Out Of Mind

Part 11:

MASON RUFFNER: guitarist, Oh Mercy

Part 12:

DAVID KEMPER: drummer, Never-Ending Tour 1996 – 2001

Part 13:

CHRIS SHAW: engineer “Love and Theft” and Modern Times

Part 14:

Uncut‘s original review of The Bootleg Series Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs: Rare and Unreleased 1989–2006

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