The 22nd Uncut Playlist Of 2017

People Never Give Up! This week's office listening.

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Some disconnect between the mood in which I played most of these records this week, and feelings today as I post it. Curtis Mayfield on the stereo all morning here, at the very least, though since someone told me last week that Jeremy Corbyn was a massive Fela Kuti it seems only decent to hit up some of that later, too: “Fear Not For Man”!

Anyhow, do try and give a listen to House & Land, Angelo De Augustine, and Rosebud, an album previously unknown to me that’s basically Judy Henske and Jerry Yester’s follow-up to Farewell Aldebaaran.

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1 Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Barefoot In The Head (Silver Arrow)

2 Shabazz Palaces – Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star (Sub Pop)


3 Shabazz Palaces – Quazarz Vs The Jealous Machines (Sub Pop)

4 Art Feynman – Blast Off Through The Wicker (Western Vinyl)

5 Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – Youth Detention (Don Giovanni)

6 Bill Orcutt – Bill Orcutt (Palilalia)

7 Lal & Mike Waterson – Bright Phoebus (Domino)

8 House And Land – House And Land (Thrill Jockey)

9 Bob Dylan – 2016 Nobel Lecture In Literature (Youtube)

10 Bitchin Bajas – Bitchin Bajas (Drag City)

11 Stefan Schneider And Sven Kacirek – Radius Walk (Bureau B)

12 The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding (Atlantic)

13 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – By Your Side (Bandcamp)

14 Compton & Batteau – In California (Earth)

15 Astrïd & Rachel Grimes – Through The Sparkle (Gizeh)

16 Floating Points – Reflections – Mojave Desert (Pluto)

17 Randy Newman – Dark Matter (Nonesuch)

18 Aphex Twin – Field Day EP (Warp)

19 Katie Von Schleicher – Shitty Hits (Full Time Hobby)

20 Angelo De Augustine – Swim Inside The Moon (Asthmatic Kitty)

21 Edwyn Collins & Carwyn Ellis/Alasdair Roberts/Trembling Bells/Modern Studies – Avocet Revisited (Earth)

22 Psychic Temple – Psychic Temple IV (Joyful Noise)

23 Tricky – The Only Way (False Idols)

24 Tricky – Hell Is Round The Corner (Island)

25 Susanne Sundfør – Music For People In Trouble (Bella Union)

26 Oneohtrix Point Never/Iggy Pop – The Pure and the Damned (Warp)

27 Rosebud – Rosebud (Omnivore)

28 Curtis Mayfield – People Never Give Up (Curtom)





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