The 20 Best Fictional Bands In The Movies

Blueshammer! Autobahn! Wyld Stallyns!

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13: BREAKING GLASS, Breaking Glass
An unusual convergence, this: Hazel O’Connor’s backing band consists of future Bill star Mark Wingett, former Ant Gary Tibbs alongside Jonathan Pryce and ITV drama stalwart, Peter Hugo-Daly, who was also in real-life band The Cross alongside Breaking Glass co-star Phil Daniels.

14: SPINAL TAP, This Is Spinal Tap
See also: the Folksmen.

15: THE KELLY AFFAIR/CARRIE NATIONS, Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
First, they were the Kelly Affair, then they changed their name to the Carrie Nations – after a grand old dame of the temperance movement – in Russ Meyer’s comedy. Their songs were written by future composer of the Battlestar Galactica theme, Stu Phillips.


16: THE BANG BANG, Brothers Of The Head
Odd, Seventies-set mockumentary, from a novel by Brian Aldiss and directed by Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe – who made Lost In La Mancha, about Terry Gilliam’s aborted attempt to film Don Quixote. Brothers Harry and Luke Treadaway play conjoined twins who form a punk rock band.


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