First Look – John Lennon, Nowhere Boy

It perhaps says much about John Lennon – the callow 16-year old version, that is – that he’s really only a supporting character in his own biopic. This Lennon has yet to develop into the sardonic, quick-witted Beatle we know from interviews and newsreel footage. He’s not even quite the Lennon we saw in Ian Softley’s Backbeat, despite the events of that film taking place soon after Nowhere Boy finishes.

Uncut Music Award nominee: Wilco – video

As an anthem made by men of a certain age who’ve been there, done that and taken the picture of the camel in a party hat (as seen on the cover), it works brilliantly. 'Wilco (the album)' feels like Jeff Tweedy coming to terms with his past and his place in the rock’n’roll firmament.

Uncut Music Award nominee: Tinariwen – video

Tinariwen's follow-up to 2007's acclaimed Water Is Life' did not fail to disappoint. Full of riffs and energy, Imidiwan: Companions deserves its place amongst the final 8 in this year's Uncut Music Award shortlist.

Uncut Music Award nominee: The Low Anthem – video

Judging by the comments posted by Uncut readers so far, The Low Anthem's album 'Oh My God Charlie Darwin' is a very popular contender for this year's Uncut Music Award.

Uncut Music Award nominee: Grizzly Bear – video

Fleet FoxesRobin Pecknold, (last years Uncut Music Award Winner) has already called Grizzly Bear's 'Veckatimest' the album of the decade.

Uncut Music Award nominee: Dirty Projectors – video

Shortlisted for the second annual Uncut Music Award, check out Dirty Projectors's 2009 album 'Bitte Orca'.

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