The 36th Uncut Playlist Of 2009

Another week, and I really can’t believe that we played the Robbie Williams all the way through. Not the only sub-par album in this list, to be honest; you might notice slightly desperate recourse to Chris Bell at one point.

On Fillmore: “Extended Vacation”

Disregarding Jeff Tweedy for a moment, one way of mapping the diverse influences of Wilco is by having a look at the side projects of the various members. So on the one side, you have the fairly mild-mannered and conventional chamber pop produced by John Stirratt and Pat Sansone in The Autumn Defense. Then, on the other, you’re confronted by the fairly bewildering array of avant-garde jams disseminated by Nels Cline.

The Uncut Music Award 2009

The second annual Uncut Music Award launches today (September 23) as we reveal our longlist of albums in the running for the prize to reward the "most inspiring and rewarding musical experience" of the past year.

Mountains: “Etching”

The last time I wrote about Mountains, the sole comment I received at the bottom of the blog read, “No offense dude, but that review was kind of useless” – a warning maybe, not to try it again.

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