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Bardo pond

Bardo Pond – On The Ellipse

Philadelphian psych-rockers continue their long, strange trip

The 31st Uncut Playlist Of 2013

No sooner has one Mark Kozelek album turned up than, ridiculously, another one is announced. claims another Sun Kil Moon album is due January 14 next year, also featuring Steve Shelley, Jen Wood, Will Oldham and Owen Ashworth. In even less a shock, it promises that Kozelek “sings about his childhood years and his life today.”

The 36th Uncut Playlist Of 2010

Interesting bit of heat around the blog last week about Neil Young’s “Le Noise”, where as a result of expressing mild scepticism about Daniel Lanois’ production schtick, I learned that, “Such a lack of musical knowledge and understanding art is unforgivable.”

The First Uncut Playlist Of 2010

Happy New Year everyone, and apologies for not having posted anything earlier in the week (though I was sorely tempted to write something gloating about Jermaine Beckford and so on, off topic). Snow notwithstanding, it’s approaching business as usual here now, hence the longish playlist I’ve managed to assemble over the past couple of days.

Sleepy Sun: “Embrace”

One today that I think might interest a few of you. “Embrace” is the debut album by a Santa Cruz sextet called Sleepy Sun, who you could place as very much part of a new wave of Californian heavy psych. Since we were talking about the area’s titan trees on Friday, this quote from the band stood out: “It comes more from Northern California itself more than any scene or city. There is truly nowhere on Earth like our little corner of the country where the redwoods smother the ocean.”

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