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Jonathan Richman and Aerosmith in battle over state song

A campaign to make the Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers classic “Roadrunner” the official state rock song of Massachusetts has hit a snag: Aerosmith. The bill to recognize “Roadrunner”, introduced to the state legislature by Dorchester Representative Marty Walsh earlier this month, now faces competition from a competing bill to give the state rock song honors to Aerosmith’s “Dream On”. Duxbury Democrat Representative Josh Cutler and Marshfield Democrat Rep. James Cantwell introduced the “Dream On” legislation on Monday.

Aerosmith team up with Julian Lennon and Johnny Depp on new album

Aerosmith have revealed that Julian Lennon and Johnny Depp are set to feature on their forthcoming album Music From Another Dimension!. The album, which is the band's 15th, will be released on November 6 in the US. It was previously slated for August 28 but was pushed back because of that week's hectic release schedule.

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry: “Our new album is really close”

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has confirmed that the band's new album is almost finished. In an interview with Rolling Stone he says the band are working on mixing the new tracks this week: "It's really close. We've started to mix. We've mixed a couple of the songs already, but I guess this week we're really kind of rolling into mix mode. We have a couple of tracks left to finish up, just to put some overdubs on, but we're kind of going from the final, final recording tracks to mixing this week."

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