Film & DVD Reviews

40 Days & 40 Nights

Josh Hartnett again displays his unerring knack for atrocious career choices in this low-brow,...


Part of Columbia's new and improved Superbit series, this immaculate version of Robert Rodriguez's...

Ed Wood

Tim Burton's splendid tribute to hapless director Wood, whose incompetence has become part of movie...

Back To The Future Trilogy Box Set

Time-travellers Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd shunt between the 1950s, the future and the old...

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Ang Lee's soulful swordfest is out on visually refined Superbit release with wispy hair shots and...

The Caretaker

Clive Donner's 1963 version of Harold Pinter's debut is a faithful, relatively unaltered record of...

Sound And Vision

Definitive collection of Thin White Duke's pop videos

Manic Street Preachers—Forever Delayed

While serving as a complete visual history of the Manics from their early days as glammed-up rock'n...

Monday Morning

Dull mid-life crisis yarn

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Serpents, spiders and a decent script add up to a spellbinding sequel


Dynamic version of the Fosse/Ebb/Kander musical

11'09"01—September 11

Eleven short films about 9/11 from 11 directors, including Sean Penn and Ken Loach

The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes

Underrated Billy Wilder movie revived at the NFT

London Underground

Dangerous Liaisons director cuts through to the capital's underbelly

Stings Of Desire

Affectionate homage to '40s film comedy

Blood Work

Convincing thriller from ageing legend


Horror story set among the trenches of the First World War

The Dancer Upstairs

Costa-Gavras-inspired directorial debut for John Malkovich

Die Another Day

James Bond returns in an unconvincing digital makeover

Street Hassle

Stylishly brutal thriller sees the bullets fly in the Brazilian ghetto


Editor's Letter

The 35th Uncut Playlist Of 2014

Weird serendipities aplenty this week: versions of "O, Death" on two albums I downloaded one after another, by Mike & Cara Gangloff and Bessie Jones; dovetailing into Sea Island overlap between Jones and Loscil. It makes for a nice blurring between time and genre with, say, the Gangloffs...