Latitude 2009

Welcome to Latitude!

Good morning! Uncut has landed on site for this year's Latitude festival, on the edge of England, on the cleverly monikered 'Sunrise Coast'. I wonder if that means Wales is now to be known as the sunset coast?

The festival on Henham Park Estate near Southwold, is rather surreally green. After the mudslide that was Glastonbury and last weekend's T In The Park, what a wonderful sight (and feeling underfoot) of lushious long grass.

Latitude, now in it's second year, let fans in for the first time on the night before the party started proper.

Much dressing up has already been going on, especially in the woods - with fairies gallomping about gleefully - and people playing an array of instruments including oboes, clarinets and trumpets as well as the traditional campfire guitar.

Everything is very country idyllic - and hand in hand with that go the millions and millions of midges that live by the lake at night. I just wish I didnt have such sweet blood, I have bites galore from my exploring last night and a jumbo order of after-bugbite medecine now on it's way via Boots and Michael who is on the way down.

I'm off to check out the shiny new Uncut Arena. First band Grace are about to open for us...

Will check in later with a round up of the afternoon's activities! I hear there are showgirl workshops in the cabaret area, though it might be a bit premature on the first day. Sober.

Happy Friday 13th everybody!


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