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Page & Plant

The duo's 1994 take on Unplugged, which involved recording new material in Morocco and rearranging old Zep songs with Middle Eastern flavours and musicians, was a brave but preposterous conceit. Filmed in a Welsh valley, in a slate quarry and cross-legged with locals in Marrakesh, they're only really credible and incredible in their natural environment—a stage.

Various Artists

Mega-rock festival staged in Toronto in July 2003, where a bizarre line-up included The Isley Brothers, AC/DC, Justin Timberlake and The Rolling Stones. A voiceover drones on about how Toronto needed a "big idea" to restore its confidence after the city's SARS crisis, but this event is pretty average, and Timberlake's duet with Jagger on "Miss You" is, weirdly, the highlight.

Seal – Live At The Point

Back in the early 1990s, Seal had edge, dreadlocks and songs. Shot on tour after his debut album had just won him a clutch of Brit awards, he looks armed and dangerous during an explosive set that includes a positively homicidal version of "Hey Joe". What on earth went wrong?


A close-to-classic 'intimate' set, filmed in the mid-'90s at London's Jacob St Studios. Chrissie Hynde and trusted band, assisted by a string quartet, loll luxuriously through such sultry charmers as "Kid","Private Life" and "Lovers Of Today", while Damon Albarn trots on as guest star to tinkle the ivories. There's also a stab at Radiohead's "Creep", with Hynde in sublime voice. A rock icon who's also one of the great white soul singers.

R.E.M. – Perfect Square

With none of the inventiveness of 1990's brilliant Tourfilm—but sturdier than the disappointing Road Movie (1995)—this engrossing July 2003 gig from Wiesbaden, Germany, is pure Greatest Hits stuff. The usual stadium-thumpers are good, but true highlights are Stipe's own favourite, "Country Feedback" (no longer delivered with back to the audience), "She Just Wants To Be", "Walk Unafraid" and a dusted-off "Maps And Legends".

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