Billy Bob Thornton

Bad Santa

Insanely funny, foul-mouthed comedy with bells on

Billy Bob Thornton – The Edge Of The World

The Man Who Wasn't There's second solo album

Barely Legal

Clooney and the Coens return to screwball territory


Excellent debut in style of Hartley or Labute

Waiting For Happiness

Playing patience under African skies

Bright Young Things

Stephen Fry's take on Evelyn Waugh's Vile Bodies

The Cremaster Cycle

OPENS OCTOBER 17, CERT TBC, VARIOUS MINS Boldly straddling the chasm between obscure gallery installation and provocative arthouse epic, The Cremaster Cycle, made by Björk's boyfriend Matthew Barney, is as sumptuous as it is obtuse, as impervious as it is ambitious.

Time Of The Wolf

Slow, slow journey into heart of darkness

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