The Red Hot Chili Peppers – Live In Hyde Park

Two-CD, 26-track memento of Cali punk-funkers' London summer shows

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A Chili Peppers live album is an odd ox. If the RHCP USP is BloodSweat’n’SoxAntics, out of context it could add up to, at best, a plushly packaged souvenir. What you get is two CDs of pickled Peppers: a thorough trawl of the back catalogue, two no-surprise newies (“Rolling Sly Stone” and “Leverage Of Space”), a drag through “I Feel Love”, a lumbering snatch of Joy Division’s “Transmission”and, yes, a “drum solo homage medley”. But also a sense of how a musclebound jam band have been enlivened by the sweet/sad delicacy of John Frusciante’s guitar and vocals.


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