Rufus Wainwright – Want One

Brilliant third album produced by Marius deVries

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Of all the second generation of Lennons, Marleys et al, Rufus Wainwright is the one who has most successfully broken the parental mould. Want One (he recorded so many songs that Want Two will be with us next year) takes his lush, orchestrated pop to staggering new heights. The opener, “Oh What A World”, is not untypical, with tubas, pizzicato strings, hints of Ravel’s “Bolero”, the best humming chorus since Madame Butterfly and Rufus’ dreamy vocal?not so much Loudon’s boy as Brian Wilson’s lost nephew: it’s breathtaking. The gorgeous, bittersweet “Dinner At Eight” is clearly about his dad, but then it’s back to the Beach Boys on “Vicious World”, which sounds like it’s got about 350 multi-tracked vocals.


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