Today: Editors' Tom Smith's memory of Spiritualized, 2002

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Eden Project, Cornwall, July 6, 2002


I got into them round the time of [b]Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space[/b], and me and Russell [Leetch, bassist] went to see them headline the Eden Project – a former quarry, and a beautiful setting for a gig. Behind the stage they had these biodomes, with different climates in each, and they glowed different colours in the night. It made this an eerie, beautiful setting for what was a really primal rock show, just beautiful, simple songs delivered with such honesty, like church music for the rock’n’roll stage.

As it got dark and the lights got more visible, it amplified the mood of the crowd. We were locked into this magic performance. Around the top of the disused quarry they had people juggling fire. You’re inspired by things all the time, but a show like that can’t help but have an effect on you and I think we took that with us when we were writing songs for Editors.

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