Tom Waits and Tricky To Record Album

Tom Waits invites Tricky to San Francisco

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Tricky has revealed that he plans to record an album with Tom Waits.

The unlikely pair were introduced by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, reports Teletext’s Planet Sound.

“We talked on the phone six months ago. Tom’s not usually a fan of other people, but Chris said he likes me,” said Tricky.

“Tom invited me to chill out with him in San Francisco, and when I’ve got time, I will. It’s almost like me and Tom were fated to work together.”

“I can’t imagine what will come out of it, but I know it’d be a brand new type of music, different to him or me. I was compared to ‘Tom Waits on acid’ when I first came out. I didn’t know his stuff then, but it led me to checking him out and I love it”.

Tricky will release his eighth studio album “Knowle West Boy” on July 7.


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