Jason Shapiro claims the riff in Tick Tick Boom is his

Swedish rockers The Hives are being sued for plagirism by LA songwriter Jason Shapiro who says they have stolen a riff and vocal line from his song “Why You?”

The riff, allegedly used by The Hives in their song “Tick Tick Boom”, was spotted by friends of Shapiro on a trailer for the film Get Smart.

Speaking with LA Weekly, Shapiro said: “I absolutely love The Hives and don’t feel great about suing a band I love. But I also feel credit is due where it is due if you borrow a riff.”

Shapiro, who wrote songs for the Roofies, Celebrity Skin and Three Way, consulted a musicologist on the similarities before taking legal action. “He said the part in question was very similar and its uniqueness led him to believe it wasn’t just a coincidence.”

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