Swans announce new album, Leaving Meaning

Featuring The Necks, Ben Frost, A Hawk And A Hacksaw and more

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Swans have announced that their 15th album Leaving Meaning will be released by Mute on October 25.

The album was written and produced by Michael Gira, featuring contributions from recent and former Swans, members of Angels Of Light as well as guest artists Anna and Maria von Hausswolff, Ben Frost, The Necks, Baby Dee and A Hawk And A Hacksaw.

Listen to a track from it, “It’s Coming It’s Real”, below:


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Leaving Meaning is the first Swans album to be released since I dissolved the lineup of musicians that constituted Swans from 2010 – 2017,” explains Gira. “Swans is now comprised of a revolving cast of musicians, selected for both their musical and personal character, chosen according to what I intuit best suits the atmosphere in which I’d like to see the songs I’ve written presented. In collaboration with me, the musicians, through their personality, skill and taste, contribute greatly to the arrangement of the material. They’re all people whose work I admire and whose company I personally enjoy.”

Check out the tracklisting for Leaving Meaning below:


The Hanging Man
Amnesia (with Anna and Maria von Hausswolff on backing vocals)
Leaving Meaning (feat.The Necks)
Sunfucker (with Anna and Maria von Hausswolff on backing vocals)
Cathedrals of Heaven
The Nub (with Baby Dee on guest vocals, also feat. The Necks)
It’s Coming It’s Real (feat. Anna and Maria von Hausswolff on backing vocals)
Some New Things (digital / CD only)
What Is This
My Phantom Limb

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