Peter Hook: ‘I’m not proud of the way New Order split up’

Bassist says he would 'like to bury the hatchet' with his former bandmates

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Peter Hook has admitted that he is “not proud” of the way in which New Order split up.

Speaking in an interview on the Jo Whiley Music Show, which will be broadcast on Friday (November 25) at 10pm on Sky Arts, Hook commented on the split of R.E.M by revealing his regret over how his own band parted ways.

He said: “It was quite interesting the way Michael Stipe said he was proud the way they had done it [split-up] and of their legacy and if there is one thing I’m not proud of, it is the way New Order have done it.”


He continued: “It’s very, very sad actually. I suppose in a way it helps you understand the process people go through together when they are in a group. It’s like a marriage. You are together for so long you literally do drive each other crazy.”

New Order recently reformed without Hook and will play a London show in December, with the bassist subsequently commenting that he wanted to “fuck over New Order in any way he could”. However, Hook now says that he would actually prefer to “bury the hatchet” with his former bandmates rather than continue in this manner. He added though that there was no sign of this happening.

He said of this: “I would like to get on with my life to be honest. I have come to the conclusion that it would be better to bury the hatchet and sort it all out and get on with it. Unfortunately the other side, don’t seem to be doing that.”


Hook also said that the infighting within New Order affected their musical output. Again, commenting on the demise of R.E.M, he replied to a question about the amicable nature of the Georgia trio’s break-up by saying: “They are probably lying. You use every single trick you can throw. I think it shows a mature attitude to their fans. What I have found with our [New Order’s] constant bickering is that they [fans] get upset and that it affects the music.”

Hook is currently touring with his band The Light playing Joy Division songs.

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