Pete Townshend's "saviour" passed away yesterday

Pete Townshend’s long-standing guitar tech Alan Rogan has died. Rogan had worked with The Who since the mid-70s but the onset of cancer forced him to miss their current tour.

In a statement on the band’s official website, The Who wrote that “few people have meant as much to our world as Alan… He’s dodged a few flying guitars in life – but he’s free of any such worries now.”

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Posting on Instagram, Townshend called Rogan “My guitar tech, friend, saviour and good buddy” adding that “He has so many friends who will miss him, and his lovely family have been wonderful.”

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My guitar tech, friend, saviour and good buddy Alan Rogan. Touring with Rachel Fuller in 2004. R.I.P. He has so many friends who will miss him, and his lovely family have been wonderful. Sorry I’m not allowing comments on this one.

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As well as Townshend, Rogan worked with George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Ron Wood, Keith Richards, Hank Marvin, Joe Walsh, Yusef Islam, AC/DC and Tom Petty. He also played guitar, alongside Richards and Wood, on Aretha Franklin’s 1986 version of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”.

The Who play Wembley Stadium tomorrow (July 6), supported by Eddie Vedder and Kaiser Chiefs.

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