My Bloody Valentine blast Spotify for showing “completely incorrect and insulting” lyrics

"We’re not sure where they got them from, probably one of those bullshit lyrics sites on the internet"

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My Bloody Valentine have criticised Spotify for showing incorrect lyrics on the shoegaze pioneers’ songs on the platform.

Spotify launched its lyric feature for all users in November of 2021, allowing fans to read along to lyrics while they listened to a song.

“Just noticed that Spotify has put fake lyrics up for our songs without our knowledge. These lyrics are actually completely incorrect and insulting,” the band tweeted. “We’re not sure where they got them from, probably one of those bullshit lyrics sites on the internet.”


At the time of its announcement last year, the streaming giants said they had partnered with lyrics database company Musixmatch for the function. Lyric cards on Spotify still say they are licensed and provided by Musixmatch.

My Bloody Valentine were previously long-time holdouts with regards to their catalogue being on streaming services. In March of last year, the band signed with Domino Records, who released the band’s discography on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms.

Last year, My Bloody Valentine also revealed they were working on two new albums for Domino, which will follow up their 2013 comeback record mbv. At the time, Kevin Shields commented that the first album would contain “warm and melodic” material while the second would be more experimental.

The band’s Bilinda Butcher suggested that the recording of the albums could be completed by the end of 2021, with Shields echoing her remarks. “I don’t want to be 70-something wanting to make the next record after mbv. I think it’d be cooler to make one now,” he explained.

Originally published on NME

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