Bassist introduces Liverpool band onstage in Salford

[b]Mani[/b] introduced the [b]The Coral[/b] onstage in [b]Salford[/b] on Saturday (July 17), before declaring that their new LP [b]’Butterfly House'[/b] is the “best thing I’ve heard since the first [Stone] [b]Roses[/b] album”.

The [b]Primal Scream[/b] and [b]Freebass[/b] man took to the stage at the [b]Lowry[/b] venue and declared “the third summer of love is open”.

He announced: “By way of outer space and [b]Hoylake[/b], please welcome my mates, the psychedelic scallies [b]The Coral[/b]!”

The [b]Liverpool[/b] band stuck to the same setlist that they played at their London gig earlier this week, showcasing a host of tracks from [b]’Butterfly House'[/b], which was released on Monday (July 12).

Recent single [b]’1000 Years'[/b] was included in the set, along with other new tracks such as [b]’Green Is The Colour'[/b] and [b]’More Than A Lover'[/b].

Meanwhile, fan favourite [b]’Dreaming Of You'[/b], the second song of their encore, sparked a mass stage invasion.

Explaining his platitudes for [b]’Butterfly House'[/b], Mani said it is an “absolute masterpiece”.

He continued: “I honestly think it’s the best thing I’ve heard since the [b]Roses[/b]’ first album – it makes me wanna drop acid. I really mean it. Proper music made by top musicians.”

[b]The Coral[/b] played:

[b]’More Than A Lover’
‘Roving Jewel’
‘Walking In The Winter’
‘In The Rain’
‘Simon Diamond’
‘Two Faces’
‘Green Is The Colour’
‘1000 Years’
‘Spanish Main’/’Who’s Gonna Find Me’
‘Pass It On’
‘Butterfly House’
‘Falling All Around You’
‘She’s Comin’ Around’
‘Calendars And Clocks’
‘Dreaming Of You’
‘North Parade'[/b]

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