Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Rarities Released

The 90s punk rock'n'rollers put out a Jukebox of hits and bits

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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion are to release a singles collection based on their former vinyl singles collection as ‘Jukebox Explosion’ next month.

The band, since 1992, have released certain tracks as part of their In The Red 7″ single club – paying homage to rockabilly legend Charlie Feathers in the ’70s.

The band featuring former Pussy Galore frontman Jon Spencer, drummer Russell Simins and guitarist Judah Bauer had a cult following, signed to Matador records, in the mid-90s – they had an influential mix of hardcore, garage, punk and hip hop mixed into their tracks.


The five long out-of-print singles from the 7″ club plus eight rarities from the Blues Explosion will be released as ‘Jukebox Explosion’ on October 29 on CD and 12″ LP.

More information is available from the Blues Explosion’s official website here.

The full track listing is:


1. Shirt Jac

2. Son Of Sam

3. Train #3

4. Caroline

5. Naked

6. Push Some Air

7. Get With It

8. Showgirl

9. Ghetto Mom

10. Latch On

11. Bent

12. Curfew Blues

13. Train #1

14. Jailhouse Blues

15. Fat

16. Down Low

17. Do Ya Wanna Get It

18. Dig My Shit

Pic credit: PA Photos


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