Johnny Marr criticises Record Store Day scalpers

He warns fans of "eBay tossers"

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Johnny Marr has criticised “eBay tossers” who are re-selling his Record Store Day 7″ single for an inflated price.

Marr released a cover of Depeche Mode “I Feel You” backed with a live version of The Smiths’ 1984 track “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want“.

The Guardian reports that the single is selling for up to $50 (£33.44) on the auction site.


Marr has since taken to Twitter to voice his criticism of touts, offering to press an extra run of the single “so those who wanted it but didn’t get it don’t get ripped by the EBay tossers”.

Marr had previously cautioned against paying exorbitant prices offered by hawkers, saying:


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