Handwritten John Lennon letter sold at auction for £17,500

Letter among 350 items of rock memorabilia sold at Boston auction...

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Letter among 350 items of rock memorabilia sold at Boston auction…

A letter handwritten by John Lennon to television host Joe Franklin has sold at auction in the US for more than $28,000 (approximately £17,500).

Rolling Stone reports that the letter was penned on Apple Records stationary in 1971, with Lennon encouraging talk show host Frankln to listen to his wife Yoko Ono’s latest album Fly.

“Of course Yoko can explain her music better in person, this is a kind of introduction. For something rather more ‘straight,’ a track called ‘Mrs Lennon’ on ‘Fly’ is an example of her more conservative side,” Lennon writes.

“She was trained as a classical musician, and took music composition in Sarah Lawrence College as her major. It’s far out, but don’t let it frighten you.”

The Boston-based RR Auction also sold a batch of stock transfer sheets from 1969 signed by each of the four Beatles for over $16,000 (approximately £10,000). A Fender Precision bass guitar once belonging to Dee Dee Ramone proved the most expensive of the 350 items of rock memorabilia, going for $38,000 (approximately £23,500).

Lennon’s entire solo back catalogue was recently made available on Spotify. The availability of the music is significant given that The Beatles remain one of the few bands who have yet to make their music available via the music streaming service or any of the company’s rivals.


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