Fleetwood Mac announce deluxe reissue of self-titled 1975 album

The Buckingham and Nicks era begins

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Fleetwood Mac release a deluxe edition of their 1975 self-titled album on January 19, 2018.

This is the first album to feature Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.

The collection includes newly remastered audio along with rare and unreleased studio and live recordings. The music will be available on the following formats:


– Deluxe (3CD/DVD/LP): The original album with newly remastered audio on CD and LP; rare and unreleased studio and live recordings; plus a DVD with 5.1 Surround Sound and high-resolution mixes of the original album.

– Expanded (2CD): The original album with newly remastered sound, and expanded with rare and unreleased studio and live recordings.
– Remastered (CD / digital download / streaming services): The original album with newly remastered sound.

Fleetwood Mac: Deluxe Edition will be packaged in a 12” x 12” embossed sleeve with rare and unseen photos along with in-depth liner notes featuring new interviews with all the band members. The package also comes with a DVD featuring 5.1 Surround Sound and high-resolution 24/96 Stereo Audio mixes of the original album and four single mixes. Completing the set is an LP version of the original album pressed on 180-gram vinyl.


Fleetwood Mac: Deluxe Edition tracklisting:

Disc One: Original Album Remastered and Singles
“Monday Morning”
“Warm Ways”
“Blue Letter”
“Over My Head”
“Say You Love Me”
“World Turning”
“Sugar Daddy”
“I’m So Afraid”
“Over My Head” – Single Version
“Rhiannon” – Single Version
“Say You Love Me” – Single Version
“Blue Letter” – Single Version *

Disc Two: Alternates and Live
“Monday Morning” – Early Take *
“Warm Ways” – Early Take *
“Blue Letter” – Early Take *
“Rhiannon” – Early Take *
“Over My Head” – Early Take *
“Crystal” – Early Take *
“Say You Love Me” – Early Version *
“Landslide” – Early Version *
“World Turning” – Early Version *
“Sugar Daddy” – Early Take *
“I’m So Afraid” – Early Version *
“Over My Head” – Live *
“Rhiannon” – Live *
“Why” – Live *
“World Turning” – Live *
Jam #2
“I’m So Afraid” – Early Take Instrumental *

Disc Three: Live
“Get Like You Used To Be” *
“Station Man” *
“Spare Me A Little” *
“Rhiannon” *
“Why” *
“Landslide” *
“Over My Head” *
“I’m So Afraid” *
“Oh Well” *
“The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)” *
“World Turning” *
“Blue Letter” *
“Don’t Let Me Down Again”
“Hypnotized” *

DVD: 5.1 Surround Mix and 24/96 Stereo Audio of Original Album plus four single mixes

* Previously Unreleased

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