First Bands Break The Silence At Latitude

Slow Club and Broken Records storm the Sunrise arena

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The first day of music at Latitude Festival got started this afternoon, with a host of new bands warming up the crowd for tonight’s headline performances.

Leeds band Grammatics were the first to play the main Obelisk stage which will see bands like British Sea Power, Martha Wainwright and Franz Ferdinand headlining this evening. Check the Latitude blog for the first reports on these artists.

Heloise & The Saviour, Gravenhurst and The Bookerhouse Blues were the first three acts in the Uncut arena, before Micah P Hinson took to the stage.


At the Sunrise Arena, Broken Records and Slow Club packed out the tent, with many fans sitting in the surrounding woodlands to hear the sets.

Edinburgh band, Broken Records, had a full stage with their seven members playing cello, mandolin, trumpet, glockenspiel and violin as well as guitars and drums. The band, who have been tipped as the next Arcade Fire, played a set heavily influenced by traditional folk music with songs, “Within Reason”, “Wolves Hand” and “Slow Praise”.

Next up Slow Club’s army of dedicated fans had filled up the front of stage before Broken Records had cleared their equipment. The duo, made up of Charles (guitar, vocals) and Rebecca (drums, vocals) opened with “If I’m not Married By The Time I’m 22” before playing “Me & You”.


Rebecca, who uses a wooden chair and glass bottles as part of her kit, agreed to wed an audience member who shouted out “Marry me?” between songs.

“Ok. No seriously, yes!” she said before Charles interrupted her with “No seriously don’t! You’ll live to regret it… I did!”

The pair then launched into the crowd favourite “Trophy Room”, about which she added:

“The last time I played this I just gave up. But it’s only two and a half minutes, so can you all just hold your breath or something?”.

The band will release their debut EP Let’s Fall Back In Love on August 25.

The setlist:

If we’re both not married by 22

Me & You

I was Unconscious It Was A Dream

Because We’re Dead

Trophy Room

Apples And Pears

Slow Club Summer Shakedown

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