Early Syd Barrett Artwork Up For Sale

12 drawings from his one-off 1965 book 'Fart Enjoy' to raise money for charity

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A collection of 12 drawings by Syd Barrett created in 1965 are being auctioned for charity this month.

The 12 abstract collage mixes of words and pictures form the book ‘Fart Enjoy’ was originally sent in response to schoolfriend Andrew Rawlinson who had sent Barrett a similar book.

Rawlinson, who has put the book up for auction to raise money for the Syd Barrett Trust which donates cash to mental health charities, describes the book as: “It’s seven sheets of cardboard held together by sellotape. It’s also a little gem and as good a reflection of the man himself as I know – experimental, colourful, wide open and right on the button.

He adds: “Nobody in the rock world has ever integrated words and images like Syd, or produced anything quite as fresh and complete as this. Syd did it in a day or two at the age of 18 or 19.”

Bidding is now open, and will close at 9.04pm (GMT) on Tuesday March 24.

Pictures from the book, to place a bid and further information on the Syd Barrett Trust can be found at: www.syd-barrett-trust.org.uk

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Pic copyright (above): The Syd Barrett Estate


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