Former label boss thought Bonehead was the frontman


[b]Alan McGee[/b] has talked again about when he first saw [b]Liam Gallagher[/b] – and assumed he was a drug dealer, not the singer in [b]Oasis[/b].

Interviewed in The Sun today (May 3) ahead of the release of Upside Down, a new documentary about Creation Records, on DVD on next Monday (May 9), [b]McGee[/b] said he actually thought the band’s former guitarist [b]Paul ‘Bonehead’ Archers[/b] was their singer.

Speaking about when he first saw [b]Oasis[/b] in [b]Glasgow[/b] in May 1993, [b]McGee[/b] said: “I was up in [b]Glasgow[/b] seeing my dad and I wasn’t sure I’d even go to the gig. I got there early by mistake. [b]Oasis[/b] were on first, before most people arrived.”

“There was this amazing young version of [b]Paul Weller[/b] sat there in a light blue [b]Adidas[/b] tracksuit. I assumed he was the drug dealer and that [b]Bonehead[/b], the guitarist, was the singer.”

He continued: “It was only when they went on stage I realised it was [b]Liam Gallagher[/b]. I knew I had to sign them. [b]Noel[/b] and I talked after the show and just said ‘done’ and he turned out to be a man of his word.”

[b]McGee[/b] also said that he believes he could never have signed [b]Oasis[/b] like that now, adding: “I was lucky to be there. We didn’t send out scouts. Most of my signings were because I happened to see new bands. That couldn’t happen any more. If a new band as much as farts it’s all over the internet.”

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