Latitude: Random after dark encounters

Since you were asking, here's some competitive prices from various food retailers:

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Since you were asking, here’s some competitive prices from various food retailers:

£6.50 — homemade burger, caramelised onions, homemade tomato chutney, mustard mayo and mixed leaves in a white bap


£5.50 — veggie Thai green curry; “a medium veggie green curry on rice”

£4.75 — lamb pie with mint and new potatoes (vegetarians take comfort: it’s the same price for butterbean, cheddar and mixed veg — hurrah, etc)

Crepes — no price on display (boo…)


And beyond, John and I had a bit of a stroll out, to see how Latitude was shaping up post-Sigur Ros. We caught some of Stewart Lee in the Literary Arena, as part of Robin Ince’s Book Club. He told a very funny story than included reference to the Jesus Lizard — prompting much fond reminiscing from various members of the crowd about the glory days of Amphetamine Reptile.

We then mooched in the direction of Mark Lamarr, who’s hosting his God’s Jukebox session in the Film And Music Arena. It was, as they say, rammed to the gils, as Lamarr flexed his considerable musical muscles introducing a selection of Ska and R&B acts (certainly, when we were there.)

There’s more raving in the woods to come — I can hear Feeling Gloomy failing quite spectacularly to live up to their name by playing Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” and The Killers’ “Mr Brightside” — much in the way of mass singing along on the latter.

We also caught snatches of Iain Banks in the Literary Arena and Mr Gee, from Radio 4’s Bespoken World in the Poetry Arena as we cruised back here — lo, just 20 minutes ago — past the lake, where there was some tent-based ballet happening. Might have been a bit too much for us right now.

Anyway, there’s the woods. And a rave. Sail on, sailor. See you tomorrow…


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