Trailer Friday! Sherlock Holmes, Bruno, 9!

Yes, I know it's nice and sunny outside and you're probably thinking of a post-work pint. Meantime, I've briefly taken time out from putting together the next issue of UNCUT to scour the Internet for the best new trailers. And here's 3 I thought might take your fancy.

Ducktails: “Ducktails”

Some talk on the last couple of blogs (Wavves and Playlist 20) about the Ducktails record and Matthew Mondanile’s various other products, so today seems a good time to tackle his stuff properly – not least because I think he may be playing London over the weekend.

The Duke & The King – London Bush Hall, May 26 2009

The last time I saw Simone Felice anywhere near a London stage, he was hanging above it, wild-eyed and shirtless, from a monitor in the ceiling of the 100 Club, from which precarious position he was leading a boisterous crowd through a rowdy version of a song called “Ruby Mae” from the recently-released new album by The Felice Brothers, who were at the time roaring towards the climax of a typically rambunctious show.

Wavves: “Wavvves”

I think I may be one of the last bloggers in the world to get round to writing about Wavves, who became something of a ubiquitous presence a few months ago when “Wavvves” first surfaced.

The 20th Uncut Playlist Of 2009

Here’s this week’s selection of new and newish things we’ve played in the Uncut office. My favourite of the fresh arrivals here is the Deradoorian EP, which I’ve finally got hold of, and which may well appeal to people who, like me, struggle with certain aspects of Angel Deradoorian’s regular band, Dirty Projectors.

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