Jim Croce – Classic Hits

Doomed US troubadour with the gentle touch

Tragically Unhip

Misunderstood pop maverick's heyday ('71-'75) and later forays reassessed

Cocaine Heights

The most important body of work in mainstream '70s pop/rock is given the redux treatment to remind us why Buckingham and Nicks still matter

Various Artists

PiL single from 1979 achieves semi-brand status

Ginger Baker’s Air Force

As with most supergroups, Air Force roared in tight and punchy and staggered out again sprawling and paunchy—and not a little junk sick. When it blows its stacks, this album is very, very good. Harold McNair and Chris Wood are on blistering form on flutes and saxes, and the presence of Graham Bond brings more than a little holy magick to the table, particularly on "Early In The Morning" and "Aiko Biaye".

The Len Bright Combo

Elemental, my dear Wreckless. Eric Goulden's 1986 releases on a twofer

Various Artists – Girls Go Zonk!!

Sublime selection of Shangri-Las-style also-rans

Keeper Of The Flame

Bumper '70s reissues from country's First Lady, 10 bonus tracks in tow

Gene Vincent – I Sure Miss You

Gene Vincent was the real deal and, together with his backing group The Blue Caps, fronted The First Gang In Town. With Cliff Gallup and later Johnny Meeks on lead guitar, they, as much as The Crickets and Chuck Berry, defined the sound of rock's classic three guitars and drums line-up. Though originally pushed as Capitol's answer to Elvis, Gene wasn't nearly as orchestrated as the Memphis Flash.

Frank Sinatra – The Voice Of Frank Sinatra

The Voice's 1946 coming-of-age with repertoire, running order and artwork restored. Plus 10 extra tracks from '47

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