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Tom Waits, Raging Bull, Lou Reed, Scarface, Talking Heads, Blade Runner and the music and films of the 1980s

First of all this week, let me quickly plug our most recent Ultimate Music Guide, which is dedicated to Depeche Mode. As with previous specials in the Ultimate Music Guide series on David Bowie, the Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul Weller, The Clash, Nick Cave, The Kinks, U2, REM and The Smiths – all of which you can order online at or order digitally at – Depeche Mode – The Ultimate Music Guide features brand new reviews of all Depeche’s albums, written by a stellar team of Uncut scribes, plus a ton of vintage interviews from the archives of Melody Maker and NME, reprinted for the first time in years and covering the whole of the band’s career from their first stirrings in deepest Basildon in the early 80s. Depeche Mode – The Ultimate Music Guide is on sale now.

Ryan Adams joins The Lemonheads on their new album

Ryan Adams has revealed that he will be drumming on and producing the next album from The Lemonheads. Adams took to Twitter to break the news, writing: Playing drums on the Lemonheads records too. Dream come true... Back to the punker sounds As well as drumming, he will also be producing the record, which will feature Evan Dando alongside The Lemonheads' founding member Ben Deily – who left the band in 1989 - and the band's former bassist, Juliana Hatfield, who appeared on 1992's It's A Shame About Ray.

Talking Heads – Chronology

“David Byrne, all neurasthenic nettles pointing inward. He looked like someone who’d just OD’d on Dramadine – all cold sweat clammy and nerve net exoskeleton… just looked like some nut just holidayed from the ward with a fresh pocket of Thorazine, that’s all. There was something gentle, shy, reflective and giving about his hideous old psychosocial gangrene.” That’s Lester Bangs, in full flow, recalling the first time he saw Talking Heads live, around 1976, in a rambling, sometimes flashing essay written in 1979 as a review of the Fear Of Music album, but only published for the first time now, as accompaniment to this superbly conceived DVD.

The Lemonheads: “Varshons”

It says something, though I’m not sure what, about the strange place Evan Dando occupies in the culture, that the new Lemonheads album seems to actively involve both Gibby Haynes and Kate Moss, as well as Liv Tyler and John Perry from The Only Ones.

The Heads: “Dead In The Water”

An interesting post on the Endless Boogie blog over the weekend. “[Endless Boogie] Sounds like a more psyched up Stackwaddy or Edgar Broughton Band Wasa Wasa (which is a good thing),” writes Dave C, “but IMHO if you want real brain crushing psych rock you NEED to get ‘Dead In The Water’ by The Heads, easily the best thing I’ve heard all year.”

The Futureheads- News And Tributes

Sunderland post-punks replace instant gratification with tales of love, loss and air disaster

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